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16 mai 2010

Some weeks ago we were in Doel to paint a colourfull wall … Serge came with us to make lot of good pictures !

Back in the early 20th century Doel used to have 2200 inhabitants. This amount has been slowly brought back untill back in 1960 there were around 1400 people. The harbour of Antwerpen grew bigger and plans were made to completly remove the village of Doel from map and expand the harbour of Antwerpen righ upon it.

The goverment started buying the houses that people left and more and more people left Doel. But nothing really happend, the houses became empty and slowly Doel turned into a ghost town. In 2000 there were a mere 810 people left, in 2007 this amount was already down to 359 and I think in 2008 more people will leave turning Doel into nothingness…

Very weird and very surreal to walk around in this village, 75% of the houses are empty and 9 out of 10 doors are open and you can basicly walk into someones life! Clothes, toys, food so many things are left…

Click here to see more graffiti in Doel

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  1. dextro permalink
    16 mai 2010 4:03

    elles sont violentes ses photos !!!!!!!

    beau mur tout ca

  2. 20 mai 2010 12:42

    une belle claque de couleur encore bien joué

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